The production method
The production of sparkling wines relies on a basic principle - the prise de mousse, or “capturing the sparkle”.

Two families of methods exist, according to the type of container in which the wine is enclosed during the prise de mousse: it can be a vat which is hermetically-closed to retain the carbon dioxide, referred to as the "cuve close" method, or a robust glass bottle, in which case we refer to a bottle-fermented product.

A wide variety of regional variations of these methods exist, some of them even alternating a bottle-fermentation stage with a period in vat before transfer back to the bottle, while all the time retaining the precious carbon dioxide.

Whatever the method of production employed, the sparkling wine in its final form will always be presented to the consumer in a glass bottle closed with a “mushroom” cork – European regulations allow no other packaging for sparkling wines.